Three Month \\ Total Process Coaching Package

Three Month \\ Total Process Coaching Package


This is good for THREE MONTHS of one-on-one coaching services with Nicole. These can be virtual, or in person (if you live within 15 miles of Nicole). This package includes \\

  1. Six total one-hour sessions over a three month period.

  2. Access to Nicole’s full digital library of workbooks.

  3. Pre-work before we meet for our first session.

  4. Guided homework assignments after each coaching session, that are tailored to your specific money focus and money journey.

  5. An objective coach who will push you and keep you accountable to the Vision you create!

  6. Guidance setting up your budget on the digital budgeting software we use (YNAB), and a tutorial in using the associated app on your phone.

  7. The sessions can include you AND your significant other.

This package is great for those looking for a guided walk through of the entire Greatest Worth process. Depending on your ability to complete homework and schedule sessions promptly, we most likely will get through the entire Greatest Worth process in the 3 month period! By the middle of Month 2 you will be starting the budgeting process, so you will have 1 full month to fine tune and get guided help!

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