Debt Free Holiday Challenge Companion Workbook

Debt Free Holiday Challenge Companion Workbook


The Debt Free Holidays Challenge Companion Workbook is a 21 page workbook that is the perfect accompaniment to my Debt Free Holidays Challenge. It walks you through my 6 step process to creating the holiday season of your dreams!

No more obligation. No more overspending. No more guilt. Just love, peace and debt freedom! Are you in?

It includes 2 bonus sections:

  1. My best shopping tips for staying within budget during a normally consumeristic, and frenzied spending time!

  2. How to create and define holiday values for your family - this will help you stay true to what you actually want and continue to be your North Star when deciding to say yes or no thanks to yet another holiday opportunity!

By the end of working through this workbook you will have a clear understanding of what will actually bring joy into your holiday season, your kids and spouse will be on board with your new way of thinking AND you’ll have the cash in your new savings account when it comes time to actually buying gifts, decorations, cards, etc! AND, you will not have accumulated any more debt during the largest buying season of the year! Go you!

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