+ I’ve already tried everything. Why will your program work for me?!

The Greatest Worth process of managing money is different. You won’t find formulas here. There are no percentages of what you “should” budget for each category. If that’s what you think you want, they’re easy enough to find with a quick google search. Instead, I want to ensure your spending plan (budget) reflects what you actually want out of life. Your dreams. Your goals. Your Values.

Understanding the difference between a boilerplate google budget and one driven by our unique lives was the secret sauce for Sam and me. Once we started spending money based on our values, the whole process changed. We actually started enjoying managing our money and felt much more in control and powerful! Our anxieties slowly began to fade away.

The Greatest Worth process not only allows you to be you, it embraces and amplifies you - all of you. It allows you to create dreams and reach them without guilt or anxiety. It gives you the tools to create a budget that sticks rather than just another list to be left behind when it doesn’t work for you. It eliminates money fights at home, brings your relationships to a whole new level and empowers you to show up in the world with confidence rather than shame. It eliminates anxiety around money. Period. And let’s face it, if you’re not worried about money, you are free to do anything! Start that business. Save for that house. Give generously. Be alive in the fullest sense of the word.

+ Why should I trust you?!

Because I am living proof that this process works. 10 years ago, with $100,000 in student loan debt, I was living with worry and embarrassment around money, and I was stuck in the mud that anxiety created. I dreaded going to my job that I couldn’t leave because of our debt. I was living small and resigned, just surviving. After realizing how my Vision and Values are a superpower to create change in my life, including with my money, I paid off the debt, shed the fear and started living from a place of connection and confidence. I have worked with clients through workshops, classes, one-on-one coaching and my printable products at Greatest Worth to help them do the same in their lives.

+ What does Greatest Worth mean?

Your greatest worth are the Vision and Values that shape and create the choices you make - they are yours and yours alone. The mission of Greatest Worth is to guide you to find and define those gems and live from them in all the parts of your life. Living aligned with our Greatest Worth (our Values and Vision for our life) and then using them to lead your choices (especially around your money) is how magic happens. Magic in your life, but also in your communities and the wider world. I am committed to guiding you to spend your money on things you value, eliminate money anxiety and fights and making a life you love!