Why I Will Always LOVE Budgeting

I get asked this question all the time – “How do you stick to your budget? And for SO LONG?! Don’t you ever just want to give up?”

Well, yes. And no.

Don’t you just love that answer?

First, yes. Of course I feel like giving up…sometimes. There are always going to be those times when I just want to go on an extravagant vacation, binge eat at the best restaurants, hire a nanny for the kids and escape from my crazy life. SO, hell to the yes.

But, then I think, do I want this short term win more than I want my big picture vision for my life? The answer is always no. ALWAYS.

After I have a good cry, because that always helps me refocus as well, I realize there are other options for treating myself. Which is important. I don’t want to downplay the importance of taking care of ourselves as a wife, mama, friend, sister, budgeter extraordinaire – all the titles.

All of those roles can take a lot out of us, and it’s important to make sure you’re filling yourself back up. But, what I know in my bones, is that there are other ways to do that without spending a crazy amount of money that you’ll quickly regret.

So, no; I don’t want to give up on my budget.

I see my budget as my lifeline to my big Dream.

And the big Dream is IT. It’s what I’m always working towards.

Every decision is either getting me closer to that Dream or taking me further away from my Dream. My Dream is my DREAM! I mean, why would I want to choose something that will derail me?

I wouldn’t. So, I don’t.

I should say that I mostly don’t. Of course, I’m human and sometimes eating out so I don’t have to cook dinner and clean up afterwards wins out. But, also, sometimes it doesn’t win. And I go home and make BLTs and potato chips for dinner and clean up afterwards. And, I’m proud of myself.


Do you see how your money and your choices can give you freedom to follow whatever YOUR Dream is?

So, instead of looking at budgeting as this thing that destroys your life and sucks all the fun out of everything, let’s change our perspective shall we?

Your budget is simply a tool to create the life you want. It is a way for you to accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted. Including starting that business you’ve always wanted to start. And, heading to Europe with your entire family in tow! See how this Dream makes you WANT to stick to your budget?!

It’s important to have your big picture vision defined in order to really own budgeting. If you haven’t defined your values or your vision you can download my FREE Defining Your Values Workbook now and get started. It will guide you through finding your big picture vision and then finding and defining your family values.

This exercise is pivotal in making budgeting go from a chore to something creating beauty in your WHOLE life.

I believe in you and YOUR dreams.

If you get a minute, let me know what your big picture vision is and what you’re struggling with most in order to reach it. I’d love to hear. Really.

I’m rooting for you!

FinanceNicole Rule