Why I Started a Podcast

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A couple months ago I took a class for small business owners. In that class I named and defined Values for Greatest Worth and Visioned a future that is beautiful...and a bit terrifying -  like all good goals should be. 

While I was envisioning, I had a bit of an epiphany. Greatest Worth is SO much more than a place to get a hold of your money. It’s a place to talk about ALL the tips and tricks and tools that I’ve used to make my dream life my real life.

Once I became intentional with my money, I couldn’t help but create change in every area of my life.  Money was MY entry point into making those dreams come true, but it’s not the only entry point.

My being intentional with my money created a ripple effect. Other awesome things started happening. Partly because Sam and I were more open and honest about money, which gave us the courage to be open honest about everything, but partly because once the anxiety of money disappeared we were free to be free. 

Sam and I became closer and more connected. I had more patience with my kids. And, because I could breathe a little bit, I started creating a morning routine and investing in other areas of self-care. I began eating better and started a 10 minute a day yoga practice. (Everything starts small friend!) In short, my journey into holistic wellness began - mind, body, spirit and finances. 

My hope is that Greatest Worth is a place where women begin to find themselves again. Whether it’s after having kids, or getting married, or hitting your 30’s or 40’s - there’s that moment where you realize you’re no longer you. You’re moving through the day to day, advancing in your career, being a lover, parent and house manager all at once. But you are waking up and realizing you don’t know who you are or what you want.

I understand that money isn’t everyone’s entry point into becoming intentional and making a life they love. While I truly believe money is a crucial part of a whole, free life, I see now that it’s not the ONLY way there. 

So, I’m evolving. Greatest Worth is evolving. From here on out you’re going to be hearing from me AND occasionally my friend, Katie, who is a wellness coach. She’s on her own money journey right now, but has found her way into this whole “making a life you love” journey through a very different avenue than me. 

Well, it’s best if you hear her story from her...

Why I Started a Podcast


Wow, what a journey.  I am so excited to be joining forces with Greatest Worth to bring another perspective on this road of life.  Do not even think for a second I have arrived, because I can assure you I have not. I have been a nurse for thirteen years, and you would think as a nurse I would know about all things health and wellness.  The truth is, nurses are THE WORST at taking care of ourselves. We literally go hours without eating and drinking, often for the sake of caring for others.

This is not healthy by the way. 

Then came motherhood, a new business for my husband, a miscarriage, another baby, a terminally ill family member, and trying to balance all the things.  I couldn’t do it all. About five years in, I had completely lost myself. I realized I needed some professional help and found an amazing therapist. This saved my life, or at least my sanity.  I am still in therapy today, working through a lot of challenges with my own co-dependence. For me this looks like my tendency to give all I have to everyone else but myself, and gracious, it is hard to shake.  

Through this process, I have realized the power of my own persistence and ability to take back my life and rewrite the story I want to live.  I am experiencing this not only for my health, but for every aspect of who I am and want to be. As Nicole references above, once you start rising up in one area of your life, all the other areas really do start to follow, and it’s contagious to those around you.  It really does only take one small, consistent change at a time.  

This process of working through my own self-limiting habits and beliefs has helped me find a passion beyond nursing illness and moving into the role of a health and wellness coach.  It’s ignited a fire in my soul to help others find their own power to bring themselves back to the center of their being, no matter their circumstances. I believe everyone has the tools they need to make a change right now in their life and I want to be there to root for them as they embrace themselves whole with a bit of guidance and love.                 

Hey. It’s Nicole again! 

We’re starting this journey together on the blog, and on our podcast to be live on October 15th. It’s my birthday month and it’s the beginning of the last 92 days of the year. Join us as we wrestle our way through Rachel Hollis’ The Last 90 Days challenge. Follow along as we run through the Last 90 Days Money Challenge that goes right along with it!

Right now is always the time for your to start to make some change in your life, in your health and your money. Choose to make tiny changes that will have a ripple effect when you look back a few months from now.

Don’t worry, we’ll do it with you!

Katie and I met at our children’s school, but attending Rachel Hollis’ live RISE conference this past July sealed our relationship and accountability to helping each other rise, forever! We know that we were made to be so much more than our limiting beliefs, our money or our health was allowing us to be. So, we changed them.

You were made for more than that little voice tells you, too. Come follow along - we’d love to help you rise!

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Nicole Rule