Simply, Having... A Debt Free Christmas Time- Part 8

This is final installment of an 8-part series guiding you on how to have a debt free Christmas. Click here to read parts ONE, TWO, THREEFOURFIVESIX and SEVEN. Each week we introduced you to progressive steps you can take to create a holiday season that is meaningful, authentic, connecting AND debt free. Yep… it’s really possible.

In the beginning, we started in the beginning. Now, we’re at the end, but it’s really just another beginning.

That, after all, is what this work is all about – make a choice, do the work, embrace the change. Do it again. And again. And again.

It’s a beautiful cycle that reminds me, every time I choose to be intentional with my finances, that I am powerful and capable and worthy. And that my choices will guide me to the result I want!

This series on how to have a debt free Christmas is a perfect launchpad to experience these truths! And I hope you’re starting to experience that, even just a little. After all, there are few, if any, more hopeful and fertile seasons than the holidays. With the machine of Christmas Consumption all around, your decision to pursue a different path – one that is pulled by your vision and values rather than pushed by the stories in your feed or provided to you “free” of charge is a starting point for you to rocket into a different, more whole way of being. Not just with your finances, but with everything in your life.

I’m convinced that this work you’re doing to create a vision and align your finances with it, will spill into everything that you do. Ev-er-y-thing. Brace yourself, friend, you’re about to fly.

Before you hit the Big Red Launch button, though, I do want to review a few things. I am, in the end, a logistics girl. I’d be sad if you went rocketing into the night without all the tools. Here’s what we’ve discussed over the past few weeks. Take a look and make sure you gathered all you could!


    A clear vision of what your family’s debt free Holiday looks like is the fuel that will launch, propel and sustain you.


    Call it a budget, a spending plan, a matrix, the name doesn’t matter. The specifics of it do. A plan for your Holiday spending based on your vision is the guts and gears of the rocket.


    Your people – your spouse, your kids, your family – are on this ride with you whether they like it or not. You can strong arm like an aggressive Hyundai salesman, leaving them, and you resentful and resistant, or you can bring them alongside you and help them buckle in for the fun. Honest, vulnerable, real conversations are key for the latter, and the ticket to fun.


    Need I say more? You’ve worked hard to create an amazing debt free holiday for the people you love. Take some time in there to celebrate that work and the love and intention you’ve put towards your life this year!

Now, Intrepid Voyager, go! Launch. You’ve made the choice to do things differently – the hard part is finished, the authentic, transformative, joy-filled holiday (not to mention life) is on the horizon.

I’m with you all the way.

DebtOlivia Zurawski