Rockin' Around the Debt Free Christmas Tree- Part 6

This is Part 6 of an 8-part series guiding you on how to have an awesome AND frugal Christmas! Click here to read parts  1, 2, 34 and 5. Each week we will introduce you to progressive steps you can take to create a holiday season that is meaningful, authentic, connecting AND debt free. Yep… it’s really possible.

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Now that you gone through the first 5 steps of our series (if you haven’t, start here) it’s time to have a family meeting with the kids. Getting the kids on board is a crucial step in answering how to have an awesome AND frugal Christmas. (It might be frugal but it won’t be awesome if they’re whining and complaining about that Nintendo Switch they didn’t get, while piles of other awesome toys sit unused, and unwrapped under the tree, amiright?!)

So, find a time that works for everyone – a time that is reasonable and, preferably, after a meal. You know that sweet window. Everyone is full enough that the distracting and endless pleas for a snack fade long enough for a meaningful conversation.


Give the kids a brief introduction into the work you’ve been doing and then share your vision for your new Holiday.

Be specific and literal with your people. Some of these concepts are wispy and hard to grasp – kids don’t get overwhelm and anxiety and connection very easily. But, they likely will get things like “debt” and how it keeps us from other dreams.

Be kind and patient AND be strong. There’s a good chance they have a hard time, at first, hearing anything other than “we’re not going to buy as many presents this year.”

Remember, you can have hard conversations. And, your kids can handle disappointment.

This is a bit of a side note, but I think our current parenting culture puts a lot of emphasis on protecting our kids from any (and even ALL) disappointment. You got last place in your soccer league, don’t worry everyone is awesome and you all get a trophy! You’re nervous about your upcoming presentation at school, don’t worry, I’ll talk to your teacher about how you have anxiety with being in front of people and ask for a special exception for you. All I’m saying is, how do our kids ever develop perseverance and grit (which, by the way, research has shown is more indicative of success than education or even privilege) if we never give them the opportunity to be uncomfortable and frustrated?

So, let them be upset and challenged. Let them know that you feel upset and challenged as well. And then, see how this obstacle can become the impetus for creative solutions to creating the holiday of your family’s dreams!


And while you’re telling them your dream for the best Christmas ever, stop and ask them what a great Christmas would look like for them. What do they love about Christmas? If gifts aren’t the heart and soul of Christmas anymore, what would they like to do together to make Christmas special?

There are so many good, juicy lessons in here – for your small people, but also for us adults!

Connect with your family. This is the heart of the process for how to have an awesome and frugal Christmas.

A debt free Christmas is attainable, but it will take some work, change and a willingness to create something new. But, I know you’re ready for ALL of that!

Rooting for you always!


DebtOlivia Zurawski