Pay Off Your Debt + Find Your Superpower

Once you starting thinking about how to pay off your debt, it’s like you hear about people doing the same everywhere! This is true with anything you put your mind to.

You know that time you were really wanting the new Sienna because it’s just so sleek, and smells so good and the doors actually still slide and it’s not covered in crayon marks and stickers? Well, you’ll start to see it everywhere you look.

Like in the car rider line while you’re picking up your kids. And while you’re on the way to the grocery store. And pretty much anytime you’re on the road you’ll spot that brand spanking new van without spilled go-gurt on the seats. And it will call to you.

Debt freedom has its own siren song. Once the idea gets in your head it’s hard to think about living the way you’ve been living anymore.

I still remember the day that I actually thought about what my life would look like if we decided to pay off our debt. That future I was imagining was so powerful and real that I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Now that I’ve actually finished my debt payoff process and am on the other side, I’m here to say that being free from debt really does change your entire life! Maybe you don’t need convincing. You’re ready and you just need to know how to start paying off the debt!


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But, if you’re here looking for some convincing to actually get down to the business of paying off debt, well, I got you!

Here are 4 ways our life has completely changed since paying off our debt.

When you pay off your debt you’re…


The book When to Jump is a lovely compilation of stories of people who worked through a process in order to take a jump. And while the jumps look very different for each person, it’s an incredible collection of inspiration. And each of the stories confirms the freedom of…well, debt-freedom. It doesn’t matter if your dream is to start a business, or to switch careers, being debt free makes these “big jumps” in life feel not as big.

Imagine you took the steps to pay off your debt. While the result is astonishingly liberating, the work of the process also sets you up for radical greatness -it gives you a handle on how to manage your finances and live below your means.  The ability and willingness to live below your means is a superpower, and with it you can jump buildings, or chasms or into the wide, unknown sky.

That’s exactly what I did with starting Greatest Worth. It was my dream to start an authentic, heart-centered, beautiful business. So, I jumped. But, my jump was absolutely fueled by my financial freedom and skill.

When you pay off your debt you’re…


I talk about Values all the time and how to align them with your money. But, honestly, sometimes that’s hard to do when you have multiple Values that just cost a LOT! Say you want to buy all local and organic meat and vegetables AND travel to Europe with your kids AND live in the coolest neighborhood in the biggest house. But you make about $40,000 annually.

That salary just isn’t going to cut it to make all of those Values work. Especially when you’ve also got $1000 a month in debt payments!

Once you’re debt free, though, your ability to choose goes up exponentially! Once we got rid of our $1000 in monthly debt payments, we were able to start putting money into savings for our dream home and spend more money on the food that matters to us.

We were free to live the way the actually wanted to live and put our money towards what’s most important to us.

When you pay off your debt you’re…


A funny thing happened while we were working to pay off our debt…we stopped comparing ourselves. We stopped wanting what “everyone” else had. We stopped making traditional choices and started making choices based on our Values and Dreams.

This may not seem like such a big deal, but imagine this scenario if you will…

You’re scrolling Instagram and see your friend who is traveling to Europe with her children…again. Instead of feeling gross and envious you feel so happy that she is able to live true to her Values and travel with her kids. The next time you see her you are genuinely excited to hear all about her trip and see some amazing pictures she has on her phone.

The work and transformation of a journey to pay off your debt wrings out comparison like a one of those yellow mop buckets with the big handle. There’s just a genuine joy for living your life authentic to you. And there’s joy for others who are living authentic as well.

And, honestly, that freedom has lasted until this very day.

It’s a really beautiful and freeing thing to see a friend’s social media post and just think “that is amazing and beautiful. I am SO happy for her happiness.”

Instead of “why can’t I have that? I work way harder than she does. I deserve that amazing, big house.”

See the difference?

The joy in your heart for your friend’s happiness is real. Because you’re living YOUR life, based on YOUR Values and YOUR dreams. Your friends new, cool house is HER house. And it’s great, for her.

When you pay off your debt you’re…


When you go through the process of debt payoff, by the end, you realize that you really can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

You’ll take on projects and dreams that you never thought possible for yourself.

Because, well, you’re a badass. And you can.

I hope you’re convinced that shedding yourself of your debt will do amazing things for your finances and your life.

If you’re looking for a simple way to get started with my signature process of making your finances beautiful, you can get started with my Secret Sauce for paying off debt by filling out the form below. It will change your life – especially if you let it!

I’d love to hear how the process of paying off debt has changed your life! Leave a comment below. I read every one!

I’m rooting for you!

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