Money Savings Tips + Ideas- Save $850 in 1 Month!

You’re likely here for one of a few reasons: You are looking for money saving tips and ideas so you can pay off debt. Or, you’re looking to save money because you don’t have any. Or, you’re wanting to have an emergency fund in place so you’re not always in crisis mode. Or, you’re looking for money saving tips and ideas so you can do things differently than you’ve always done it before.

Really, your reasons don’t matter; these money saving tips will work! There came a point in our debt payoff journey where we just wanted to start moving the needle even quicker. We were willing to try anything and everything in order to save money (even more money), and then use that money to pay off debt at the end of the month.

Saving money became a game for us.

How can we save even more money this month? How little can we actually spend on expenses?

While our reason for saving has changed a bit, the impulse is still there. And, we still like to make a game out of it!

No matter what you’re saving for, try these money saving tips and ideas out and let me know how you did!


I wrote all about saving money on whole food at ALDI here, but we regularly save $300-$600 a month with this one tip! We buy mostly whole foods, lots of fresh veggies and fruits and those things are expensive! 

Savings estimator: $400/month

While we’re talking about groceries…


Yep. You have to. We’ve tried all kinds of money saving tips and ideas with our groceries and this is, hands down, the way we’ve reigned it in as much as we have.

Oh, and only shop once a week. Really. Don’t go the grocery store more than that. You’ll always buy more than you need. Always!

Savings estimator: $100/month


I know. This one is hard. Believe me, it was hard for me as well.

For a while.

Then, I started to focus on my Dream (big D) rather than my desire (little d), and the choice became easy. The few extra minutes in the morning to put a cup of coffee in a thermos for later was SO worth getting to my Dream that much quicker!

Let’s be real here – the actual dollars and cents saved here are not monumental. The act, though, the choice, the focus, the truth of this simple act, though, is life-changing. Transformation happens with a thousand little (money saving tips and ideas) steps, and each little (tip or idea) step is an opportunity to be Big-D focused.

Savings Estimator: $32/month

Based on buying $2.50 coffee twice a week and $1 bottle of water 3 times per week (which is probably less than you’re actually doing this!)


Yep. It’s actually pretty fun and creates connection in a way I wasn’t expecting. But, if you are actually a we, make sure you do it together. It’s WAY more fun, and you’ll save more money that way.


During our last challenge we saved $1100. I’d say that’s a pretty good return for one month’s worth of effort!


Do you see a theme here? Our overspending tends to revolve around food. And from all the other couples I’ve talked to, that seems to be a common theme.

So, don’t eat out. Or, don’t eat out so much.

Easier said than done. I totally know. I know those nights where it’s 4:30, the kids are lunatics, your littlest is sprawled out on the floor throwing an enormous fit about her older sister looking at her sideways and you’re supposed to make dinner. And then clean up afterwards. And then give your children baths. Gah!

I get it!

The only way to really, truly stick to this one is to make sure you’re 1) meal planning 2) grocery shopping once a week so everything you need is always right at hand, 3) utilize your crock pot in the morning and/or 4) always have a frozen pizza ready.

You might think I’m joking about #4, but think again. Sometimes we all need a little grace. Your kids will be fine with frozen pizza once a week. They’re fed REALLY quickly and you can always make a salad for yourself. Unless your a frozen pizza person, then, by all means. EASIER!

Give yourself some space and grace to do what you need to do sometimes. This may mean eating out once a week. Build that into your budget and resolve to NOT go out more than that!

Savings Estimator: $100-$300 a month! Depends on how much you eat out and how big your family is and where you like to eat out. We have expensive taste so when we choose to not eat out for the month we save at least $300. Usually more.


Dang. Add all that up and in one measly month you’ve saved about $850! Go all in and do a no spend month and save $1100! That’s an emergency fund right there. In 31 short days.

Even just trying one or two of these tips will quickly get you to $300 extra a month!

If you have any good money saving tips and ideas for the rest of us please leave a comment below! We all LOVE a good money tip so we can reach all of those financial goals of ours!

I’m rooting for you friend!