Last Christmas I Gave You... Debt Freedom- Part 7

Are you wondering how to make Christmas not about presents? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read on!

This is Part 7 of an 8-part series guiding you on how to make Christmas not about presents – and end up without debt come January! Click here to read parts ONE , TWO, THREEFOURFIVE and SIX. Each week we will introduce you to progressive steps you can take to create a holiday season that is meaningful, authentic, connecting AND debt free. Yep… it’s really possible.

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You’ve been working hard on hard work – choosing a new way for you and your family to celebrate the holidays without digging yourself into a debt-deep hole. Make no mistake, friend, it IS hard work. Money stories are wound deeply around our identities. And unraveling them is no joke.

AND money stories that include the holidays are more poignant yet.

This isn’t a neat and tidy process – while we’ve written these posts as a series, it’s not a coherent or concise string to follow. How to make Christmas not about the presents (and debt free) AND one that aligns with your vision, callings and deepest hopes, is a tedious and, at times, tenuous thing.

Don’t. Forget. To. Breath.

Oh, and while you’re at it, that brings us to today’s action step: CELEBRATE!

You have made a choice to change, to embrace the promise and potential of a new way. Don’t forget to breathe, but be sure you also raise a glass to yourself and celebrate the transformative loveliness of what you’ve already done, even while you continue to do it.

I know…it’s a jumbled up mess. A lot like life. Isn’t it beautiful?


Really, that’s it.

You’re not finished – we’re never finished in the endless becoming of our lives – but you are moving, and that’s a rare and precious thing in our time. It may be uncomfortable for you, but it’s time to put the work down for a minute – all the tasks and goals and future-oriented focus – and make a list of what you’ve already accomplished toward your vision of a debt-free holiday. Yes… a real, pen and paper list.

Don’t be stingy with yourself. We tend to get stuck in rationalizing our amazing progress with that twisted sense of humility we have been sold. Don’t do that. Be wide open and honest.

Celebrate your choice to start, your work at visioning, your conversations with your family. Celebrate your dive into the nuts-and-bolts of a holiday budget, your willingness to dig into patterns of spending to find extra money.

There will be time to get back to the messy path of living and becoming. Time to get back to the fun and exciting and critical work of visioning and setting goals. Your work today, is to celebrate what you’ve already done. Because, what you’ve already done is incredible. So, raise your glass!

Rooting for you always!

DebtOlivia Zurawski