How to Pay Off Debt At Lightning Speed


If you’re looking for the answer to how to pay off debt fast, you’re in the right place! Ok, well, maybe not lightening speed. But paying off $100,000 in debt in 26 months is pretty fast! That’s actually an average monthly payment of a little over $3800 a month towards debt. Pretty good if I say so myself 

I’ve shared a pretty detailed version of my debt payoff story on Greatest Worth before. I’ve also shared another version on Jackie’s site. Well, I was invited to share more of my pay off debt fast story over on The Budget Mom.

Kumiko has a super beautiful blog and is amazing at breaking down all the practical tips of budgeting and getting your finances under control. I love how she makes the tender subject of budgeting and personal finance into a dinner time topic for families.

Really, go check her out. She’s awesome.

And, while you’re there check out my newest guest post on her blog, which happens to be her kickoff post to a new series she’s starting called Debt Inspiration Stories. Reading other people’s stories was crucial for me to stay on track while I was working to pay off our debt. I hope our story does the same for you.

I really am honored to be featured and am grateful for another chance to share the practical tips of how we paid off our debt!

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