5 Things I Still Buy As a Money Minimalist

It’s easy to think about minimalism when we think about clutter; actively choosing to reduce things like clothes or shoes or books or make-up or trendy home decor or technology. It’s easy to see how minimalism in those areas would help calm our feelings of overwhelm and daily anxieties.

But, what I’ve started to realize is that the principles of minimalism apply to ‘stuff’ but are just as appropriate to apply to our money! A money minimalist, if you will!

In my last post on being a money minimalistI talked about the different types of minimalists. I relate strongly to the “Soul Minimalist.” I understand that a particular “STYLE OF SIMPLE LIVING DOESN’T HAVE TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE ANYONE ELSE’S. WHAT MATTERS IS THAT I AM INTENTIONALLY ELIMINATING WHAT I DON’T NEED TO MAKE ROOM FOR WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT.”

This definition can work for the money minimalist as well. It’s what I talk about when I say that budgets have to be meaningful to you in order to be meaningful for you! Screw what everyone else is doing! Using YOUR vision and YOUR values and desires to figure out categories and what you want to spend on will change everything for you.


With that as my framework, and proudly waving my money minimalist flag high and wide, here are 5 things where I choose to continue to spend money. Because they’re in line with our values and are getting us closer to our ultimate big picture dream, I never feel guilty about spending money on them!


I mean who doesn’t love a good vacation?

We’ve taken the same vacation for the last 4 years. It’s to the beach, at an Inn. They provide two home cooked meals a day, towels, outdoor showers (so sand doesn’t get into the bedroom – more important than you might think with 4 kiddos) and love for our kids. It is our heaven. 

It’s actually rather spendy for us, but we ALL feel so rejuvenated and connected by the end of it that we’ve realized that spending in this area actually brings us closer to our values and our dreams of who we are as a family. So, we choose to continue to spend on our vacations. Especially this one!


Living in a beautiful space inspires and calms me.

I love being surrounded by beautiful pictures and beautiful things. These surroundings inspire me to be creative.

So, we choose to spend money to make our house look and feel the way we desire. Yes, sometimes this includes sacrificing other things (like having a no-spend month to save money, or not eating out for a few months) so we can save up the cash to do a project here or there. But, I have NEVER regretted spending money on our home. Never!


There are periods of my life where I just feel stagnant and need a bit of help. During those periods I choose to pay for a counselor or a coach to get me through those times.

A good counselor or coach is objective and tells you like it is (no matter how hard it is for you to hear) so you can move forward. This isn’t always a fun process, but, make no mistake, you will grow and stretch to places you never thought possible for yourself!


For so long I was exercising by walking in the neighborhood or doing online yoga videos or by making up my own routine that I could do with exercise bands or light weights at home. And that worked great for that time in my life. I actually don’t regret any of it.

But…this year I decided to join our local YMCA for the first time in 8 years. And it has changed my life. In SO many ways. I’ve been doing an exercise class 6 days a week. My kids have gotten used to the childcare so I get two free hours of childcare daily included with my membership. And, I use their free wifi to work before or after I exercise. It’s a delightful atmosphere and super supportive. I’ve actually made at least 5 new friends just attending the same exercise classes every week.

This membership completely supports my Value of Wellness in mind, body and spirit.


This is sacred. I’ve been noticing that when we get home from our days of working, Sam and I are just craving to connect. To the point where we’re trying to catch each other up on what’s happening while 4 kids are trying to catch us up on what’s happened during their days! Needless to say it doesn’t work. We have to connect after the kids go to bed, or we schedule a date night.

We try and make this a weekly date, but it usually ends up being every two weeks. No matter what, it’s always a special time. Sometimes we use this time to reconnect and learn about each other’s goals and sometimes we use it to just be quiet but together. Date nights are essential to staying connected during this busy season of our lives. Whether you choose frugal date nights or splurging – this money is investing in your relationship together! That’s money well spent!


Now it’s time for you to figure out 5 things that you would never want to live without. What is truly important to you?

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about when I talk about values you can download my Defining Your Values Workbook and get started finding out what is most important to YOU right now!

And revolutionize your budget in the process!

Oh, and when you figure out your values, let me know! I’d love to hear. Really.

FinanceOlivia Zurawski