You CAN Save $1,000 for an Emergency Fund in 6 Weeks! Here's How!

A mini $1,000 emergency fund is a crucial first step when you’re on a debt payoff journey. That $1000 saved our butts multiple times while we were paying off debt. Like when our water pipe in our house broke – inside our wall! Or, when our only vehicle needed hundreds of dollars of emergent maintenance. Or, when our furnace stopped working in January and we needed to have an HVAC person come out on the weekend to fix it! Pricey friends!

To some $1,000 might seem not big enough to make a difference. To others it feels SO out of reach.

In reality, $1,000 emergency fund can cover A LOT of emergencies you might have and can be saved in 6 short weeks. This money will provide comfort and a tangible place to turn when something doesn’t go according to plan. Which, of course, is often!

1,000/6 = $167 per week that needs to be socked away in your savings account so that by the end of 6 weeks you’ll have $1,000. And, you’ll be ready (and much more prepared) to move onto your bigger dream of paying off debt!

SIDE NOTE: The thing with goals is that they SHOULD feel a little bit uncomfortable. They should make you want to stretch yourself. It’s a beautiful, symbiotic relationship. Your goals get met and you become a stronger, better version of yourself! Win-win.

So, let’s talk about a solid action plan to get you to that $1000 point faster than you have ever imagined for yourself.


Or better yet, a No Spend 6 weeks. Limiting your spending to absolute necessities only will free up money that you didn’t even know was there!

$167 a week may seem impossible to you at this point, but is that true? Have you been diligently tracking your spending? Do you still eat out rather than cook super frugal, whole foods at home? Are you still stopping for coffee during the week? Can your kids give up extracurriculars for 6 weeks? Can you pause your gym membership and cancel cable and stop all house projects for 6 weeks?

The sacrifices you make now, will lead you to that $ 1000 emergency fund that much faster. Those seemingly small sacrifices can lead to big change!


If you’re not already on a budget, it’s CRUCIAL that you get on one asap while you are attempting to squeeze every tiny drop extra out of your finances.

We use and have used (for the past 6+ years) YNAB for our personal finance accounting. It’s an incredible tool with, you get 34 days use for FREE (another 30 days free if you use my link!) and they have all kinds of great tutorials to help you get started! Oh, and tracking is a breeze with their phone app.

No more excuses friend.


Create a separate account for your $1,000 emergency fund. This makes it harder to mix this money up with your normal, everyday budget expenses. If your emergency fund is in a separate account you won’t be tempted to look at your checking account balance and think you have an EXTRA $1000 in there.

Because you don’t.

That money is ONLY for emergencies. And no, unfortunately, a sale at Target on all things Joanna Gaines does not constitute an emergency.  Although that line is SO good, am I right?!


Add up what you’ve put aside at the end of week one (hopefully it’s at least $167) and transfer it from your checking account into that savings account. Don’t wait until the end of 6 weeks to transfer it all.

Transfering a little bit at a time will help you to see your progress and offer weekly quick win goals. Mindset matters friend. Making progress will help you keep up momentum!


By all means, if you can crush my goal of $167 per week, please do it! Get to your goal in 4 weeks. I’d love to hear about it! Just make sure you’re transferring some amount of money weekly!

Our emergency fund is sitting in an online savings account at Ally Bank because they offer the best interest rate. The point isn’t to earn interest, so don’t worry about this too much. But some interest is better than nothing! The point is to be prepared for emergencies, and decrease anxiety around your money.

Oh, and to help you see that finances can bring beauty into your life! Not just the stress and overwhelm that you’re used to!

You totally got this friend. Think of how amazing you’ll feel with your very own $ 1000 emergency fund in place!

As always, I’m rooting for you!

DebtOlivia Zurawski