Why We're Choosing a No Spend Month

Transcript for: Why We’re Doing a No-Spend Month

Hi friends.

Well, as you saw on the blog and social media, Sam and I are planning a No-Spend Month in February.

Now, you may think this is no big deal for a seasoned budgeter like me, but since we paid off our debt a few years ago, we haven’t been actively questioning or limiting purchases. As a result, we both feel like we’ve become complacent with our financial standing. And we want to learn to trim up our spending and use the excess for all those things we truly value.

Like, adventures. In our family values manifesto, we wrote: “We choose to seek adventure as a family. Adventures that tie us together, but also to all of humanity.” We have a few family trips in the works – 2 with extended family. And want to make them happen without worry about how we’ll pay the bill.

Similarly, we want to make space to pursue creativity. Again, from our family manifesto: “Risk and uncertainty are critical components of living wholeheartedly. New methods and means are energizing and inspiring. We are open to always finding another way.”

Sam and I both want to continue to fund this baby business and manage it debt free while it evolves and grows into the business we trust it will become. Greatest Worth has given me so much freedom and allowed me to be creative in ways I didn’t believe were possible for me! I choose to continue down this creative entrepreneurship path, and this choice requires that I say NO to things that don’t support it (like buying crap I don’t need!)

Also, we value wellness – “Personal growth. We use practices to address all the parts of us – body, mind and soul.” Continuing to push myself physically (I joined a gym for the first time since we gave up that membership while we were paying off debt) and mentally (I’ve joined a business coaching group that has been full of amazing people) – So. Much. Learning!

For our family, in this season, we choose to put our money into these memberships and programs because this value is clear and defined, not because it’s hip or expected or just in case we might want to use it later. This choice, like all choices, comes with a cost if we’re committed to living balanced and within our means – saying yes to one thing inherently means saying no to something else. With intention, living from our values, though, that no is empowering rather than restricting.

Those are just a few of the reasons this No-Spend Month seems crucial to our financial wellness right now.

But, if I’m being totally transparent and vulnerable with you guys – and those are also part of my values – we’ve just gone off the train a bit. We were noticing that we weren’t noticing anymore.

We were spending without really paying attention. While we weren’t going into debt, we weren’t moving forward either.

It’s important to us both that we make these businesses without debt. That desire asks for some sacrifice and stretching – and, subsequently, requires much closer attention to our budget and expenses.

This work has brought us closer to each other and to our ultimate big picture vision for our life: Our 10-year plan. We can almost feel and see ourselves living out that future.

The truth is, sacrifice is hard. But, it’s also really easy.

So, we thought we’d try to make a game out of it. We’d get back to our paying-off-debt roots and live with complete focus. We want to see how much we can save with a 30-day spending fast.

Also, we both like to do crazy things and this seemed to fit right in. A good challenge always leaves me seeing things I couldn’t see before. It will bring awareness to our spending habits, and shed some light on our loss of intention with our finances.


  1. Only buy things that are absolutely necessary. Groceries (although we’re going to be trying to cook from our pantry and freezer as much as possible). Car repairs that you must do to keep the car going! Utilities and bills. Gas for vehicles.

  2. Things we’re definitely NOT buying. Clothes, shoes, NO eating out, NO Target runs, No house stuff, Nothing that’s not absolutely necessary for survival.

  3. No use of gift cards for spending. (It feels a bit like cheating.)

We’ll be starting February 1st and will end March 1st.

Comment below to let us know that you’re joining along with us. Or, better yet join our Facebook group that we’ve formed just for Greatest Worth fans where we’ll share our daily struggles and inspiration to keep us all going! And I’ll be popping in for Facebook Lives once a week. 

Let’s do this friends. Let’s change our habits and move closer to our Dream.

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