The Truth About Paying Off a Pile of Debt

Paying off debt can be a daunting and often paralyzing task. So paralyzing in fact, that often we fail to take any forward steps toward understanding and ultimately controlling our finances. Instead we stay stuck. Well, not anymore! I’ve got a great story and an awesome freebie for you today to get you started! You totally got this!

I have another version of our story about paying off debt. I was contacted by a blogging friend I made this past fall at a conference called FinCon. It’s a huge get together of mainly personal finance online influencers. Talking about money, learning about awesome new products, meeting people who love nerding out about money – Clearly, it’s my idea of a GREAT time!

This friend is Jackie Beck. Jackie has her own super awesome debt payoff story. One that even includes paying off her mortgage! She took things to another level and even created the Pay Off Debt App that you can use to keep you motivated and organized while on your own paying off debt journey!

So, all this to say, thank you Jackie for letting me share your site for a day! I appreciate you and all you do for people struggling under the burden of debt.

Beauty in your financial life is just around the corner friends. Can you feel it?


They say debt can be good. They say debt can be a tool. They say debt with low interest rates isn’t worth thinking about – just pay it every month and move on. They say all these things – absolutes, simple judgments – and I listened.

Boy did I listen. What I heard helped me rationalize the mounting balances of our student loan accounts as my husband, Sam, and I both worked our way through graduate programs. Instead of asking hard questions about our mindless pursuit to have our cake while also eating it, we maxed out our loans to prop up our lifestyle despite our very limited (read: absent) income.

After graduation, we had professional degrees and $100,000 in debt…


Always rooting for you!

DebtOlivia Zurawski