Our Frugal Whole30 Menu Plan & Grocery List

I realize that I’m just jumping in on January 15th with the beginning of the 3rd week of our Whole30menu plan of 2018. I thought posting it would be a good way for us to digitally track our menus (so we can access them next year – or next month! – whenever we decide another Whole30 reset is needed). But, mostly, I realized that a frugal Whole30 menu plan was hard to find. While we’re already well into week 3 I’m hopeful you’ll find this menu helpful!

This is actually our 3rd time going through the Whole30 program. We’re pretty strict with all the specific food no-no’s when we go through because our bodies feel SO good once we get to the other side. In short, this menu will adhere to ALL of the Whole30 guidelines. Even the minor details like only eat nuts that don’t have oils on them when processed.


I will preface by saying that the single hardest aspect of Whole30 is how much time I spend preparing food! While for some people this is no big deal, for me, it’s a thorn. So, I’ll try and give you as many shortcuts as I can all while trying to keep prices as low as possible.

Ok, I’ll stop blathering. Here’s our menu for Week 3 of Whole30.

DAY 1:

BREAKFAST: Hash of potatoes, onion, kale and mushrooms with 2 fried eggs. ½ Avocado and 1 Orange on the side.

LUNCH: Salad with avocado (yes, we’re avocado heavy around here) and lots of veggies – radishes, cucumbers and carrots. We make our own dressing to keep it frugal. To do this you’ll have to whip up a batch of mayo – don’t worry, it’s SUPER easy. We use mayo and either juice from one whole lime or lemon and some olive or avocado oil. Mix it all up in a food processor, scrape it into a jam jar and you’ve got an amazing, creamy dressing that will help you forget about Hidden Valley Ranch forever! Add some olives to your salad to give it some more fat (it will help curb cravings). Berries and coconut milk.

SNACK: Olives (Castelvetrano are our favorite kind) & Lara Bar

DINNER: Best Beef Stew EVER – seriously. I could eat this every day. Be sure to make extra for leftover lunch for Day 2! Key to Easy: Cook it in an instant pot or crock pot! With sauteed kale.

DAY 2:

BREAKFAST: Breakfast salad with avocado, 2 eggs (boiled or fried – I do fried because I don’t have to prep them) and some fruit.

LUNCH: Leftover Beef Stew. SOOO good.

SNACK: Pistachios and fruit

DINNER: Pulled Pork (cook it in instant pot or crock pot for ease), Homemade Coleslaw (use your magic mayo and some lemon juice for a dressing) & Bag of Frozen Green Beans smothered in ghee! My kids ALWAYS inhale this dinner!

DAY 3:

BREAKFAST: Smoothie of 2 bananas, ½ a can of full fat coconut milk and 1 teaspoon vanilla – adding a cup of spinach doesn’t change the flavor all that much but adds a significant nutrition boost. And 2 hard boiled eggs. (Good breakfast when you’re on the run). I should say that Whole30 peeps don’t love it when you “drink” your food. If you want to adhere completely to the rules, skip the smoothie and eat berries and chopped banana in coconut milk.

LUNCH: Leftover pulled pork and a salad.

SNACK: Apple and almond butter. SO satisfying when you’re on the Whole30.

DINNER: BLT Salads. (Our kids usually eat regular ol’ BLTs while we have salads with bacon, tomato and avocado. Whole30 approved bacon is expensive, so use sparingly. We often use some leftover hard boiled eggs to this salad to add a bit of protein and fat. Roasted potato wedges as a side. Use your creamy mayo dressing to add the finishing touch!

DAY 4:

BREAKFAST: Whole30 omelette. Basically an omelette without cheese. Use leftover veggies if you have them to make things cook quicker. My favorite is onions, potato (leftover potato wedges sauteed) and kale. Side of berries. ½ an avocado.

LUNCH: Leftover BLT salad.

SNACK: Cherry Pie Lara Bar.

DINNER: Chicken Fajitas in Lettuce Wraps & Homemade Pico de Gallo (which is tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice.)

DAY 5:

BREAKFAST: Sausage Scramble. Whole30 compliant Sausage (sausage without sugar) sauteed with onion, kale and tomatoes. Add scrambled eggs and mix up in the pan until eggs are cooked through. Delicious with some, yep, you guessed it, avocado on the side.

LUNCH: Leftover Chicken Fajitas in Lettuce Wraps.

SNACK: Olives & pistachios

DINNER: Salmon Cakes (I only use the recipe for the cakes from this site and make my own sides) & tartar sauce (which is just mayo, lemon juice, minced pickle and salt and pepper) with roasted cauliflower and salad (we eat a lot of salads!).

DAY 6:

BREAKFAST: We just repeat breakfasts at this point. We’ll go back to breakfast from Day 1 and work from there. So, go back to the hash – make it with different veggies if more variety helps!

LUNCH: Leftover Salmon Cakes

SNACK: Apple & Almond Butter

DINNER: Roast Chicken & gravy served over baked potatoes. With roasted broccoli on the side – just throw this in the oven during the last 25 minutes of the chicken cooking! Add a salad if you’d like!

DAY 7:

BREAKFAST: Breakfast salad with hard boiled eggs – same as Day 2!

LUNCH: Eat up the any leftovers you have in the fridge (except don’t eat the leftover roast chicken! We’re using that for dinner tonight!) If you don’t have any other leftovers, make yourself some zoodles sautéed or microwaved and add some Whole30 compliant store bought pasta sauce. Or, to be more frugal, we take a 28 ounce can of tomatoes and add olive oil and minced garlic with a bit of oregano and salt. Easy, peasy, delicious. Add a scoop of ghee to make the sauce out of this world!

DINNER: Chicken Salad with lettuce cups and roasted sweet potatoes.

Alright, that’s our week 3 frugal Whole 30 menu plan! I hope you enjoy. Make sure to come back here next week to get access to my first ever video which will include the exact process I use to make my weekly menu and shopping list! You’ll be well on your way to making menus and saving cashola in the process!

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You got this!


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