How We Create a Meal Plan Every Week

How we create a meal plan.

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When you check the blog this week you’ll notice that I’m posting our Frugal Whole30 Menu. It’s a common complaint on the interwebs that it’s pretty hard to make whole30 work, while on a budget. Well, I’m here to tell you it IS possible. There’s not really any tricks; it’s all about how we create a meal plan every week!

So, while I’m posting my menus I also thought this video of how I actually create a menu each week would be really valuable. I’m going to show you how I get a menu up and running, and create a grocery shopping list as I go.

This video will go through each of my tricks to making a whole30 menu that you can stick to and that won’t completely bust your grocery budget. Believe me, we do the whole30 with a family of 6! While our children don’t completely adhere to all the rules for every meal, we don’t make them seperate dinners. They get to eat whatever we’re eating. Or they can choose not to eat. It’s up to them!

Equipment Needed:

  1. Paper (or a digital way to write down your menu.)

  2. Pen (or not if you’re choosing digital)

  3. Smartphone or computer or ipad – someway to access recipes

Alright, let’s dive right in!


“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I know I say this all the time, but it’s the truth. And this truth is not going away. If you want to succeed at saving money on groceries and still be able to feed your body whole and nutritious foods – You have to create a meal plan.

This planning will help you save time by only going to the grocery store once a week. (Yeah, only one trip with screaming kids to the grocery store!) We’re already winning, see?! It will help you stop impulse buying things you think you might use this week but end up NOT using. And, it will end those last minute trips to the grocery store because you just need one more thing to make that recipe!

I promise. Meal planning will revolutionize your time and energy. And allow you to create healthy, whole food meals on a budget. A budget of time and money!


You can head on over to greatestworth on Pinterest right now and follow my boards. I have one called “Frugal Whole Food” and I’m constantly pinning awesome Whole30 and other whole food recipes that are easy, frugal and nutritious! Use my pinterest board for inspiration for your menu. On the menu I’ll actually write down the name of the dinner AND where the recipe can be found. We have a few paper cookbooks we really love and use often, so I’ll write down the book name and page number. With Whole30 pretty much everything we do is on the internet – so I write down pinterest and the board name (this helps my husband mostly because he does a lot of the cooking 


Use paper or use an app. No matter what, write it down. This will totally help you stay focused on what you actually need for the week and not get distracted by all those pretty items put out with the sole intent of distracting you while you’re shopping! I even like to organize my list into sections – they way I find the items in the grocery store. All the meat together on the list. All the produce, etc.

We actually only write dinners down, because we’ve been doing this so long that we know what we need for breakfasts and kid’s lunches. Adult lunches are usually leftovers of dinner from the night before – but that’s explained on the blog. I add those items to the list without actually making a menu for breakfast. We’re pretty good at winging it with our cooking. If you are as well than don’t worry about this too much…Just make sure you add lunch and breakfast items to your list as well.


This is the crucial step that we had been missing for years. It’s saved us LOTs of money these past few months. Take your list to the fridge and your pantry and cross off anything on the list that you already have. If you notice you have a bunch of meat in your freezer, make note of this and create next week’s menu based on those items you already have. Breaking the pattern of buying and then not using will save you in the short and long run!

Alright, I’ve given you my skills for creating your own menu and getting total control of your grocery budget. I’d love to hear what you think and if you have any tips you’d like to add! Comment below friends!

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Now, go watch the video!

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