4 Minimalist Secrets to Saving Money!

Minimalism is a movement that I can really get behind. I actually really love the thought of stark, clean white walls and nothing on the ground. (This could be because I’m so used to my children covering every inch of their rooms with clothes and toys, but that’s another story.)

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out for myself what minimalist finances would look like.

While I think that a budget can be minimalist in that you’re only budgeting for true expenses and not on extras, I think there’s more to minimalist finances than that.

This video talks all about how I believe minimalism itself is a change in mindset and a choice to live from your values. It – everything – always comes back to mindset and values for me because that’s living authentically.

I want you to be free of the monthly financial struggle and worry. The one where you look at your credit card statement every month and wonder “how in the world did we spend THAT much money this month?! We don’t even having anyTHING to show for it!”

Oh, I remember those days clearly. Well, there is another way, friend.

We can come back to the philosophy of minimalism. Specifically minimalist finances – which is have less so we can have more experiences and love in our life. We can return to our Values, and remember what is important to us, so we can cut out the clutter of mindless spending.

Without further ado, here are our 4 Minimalist Secrets to Saving Money.


Once you do this and begin living from a place of authenticity to yourself, you won’t be stuck comparing your clothes and body and house to everyone else’s. It won’t matter what other people are doing or driving or wearing, because you’ll know where your priorities for spending and saving are! And you’ll begin spending in a way that will represent those values! You’ll be spending intentionally, not mindlessly. And this one shift will change everything!

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I get emails almost daily from a certain retailer where I buy my children’s clothing. The purpose of those emails is to build a feeling of urgency and scarcity in my mind. And, for years, those emails worked. I (slowly – it’s a process ya’ll!) began to realize, though, that there is a coupon code at least once a week. If not more often. The truth is, my children do NOT need new clothes every day.

If we can shift our mindsets to only buy what we need, and not follow the good deals or sales, our bank accounts will begin to grow!


Our society likes to encourage us to buy, buy, buy. How many times has your little voice said, “if I just had that house (or those clothes, or that car) THEN I would be happy.”

And, how many times have you bought that “thing” only to have your desire for the next thing take over.

It’s a lie, dear one, that things will make us happy. Define your Values and get to the bottom of what actually makes you happy. Then, and only then, will you stop buying to make yourself happy.


That’s why we all love minimalism, right? Getting rid of clutter sounds absolutely amazing to us mamas who are constantly tripping over and picking up clutter all around us! Minimalism, for me, can’t be compartmentalized. I’m not just a wardrobe minimalist, or a minimalist when it comes to my kids’ toys.

The mindset of realizing that we are actually happier and more able to enjoy life with LESS stuff permeates all areas of my life. So, while I have less actual, physical clutter than a lot of my peers, I also have less worries and anxieties and less overwhelm.

Cause and effect or correlation? It doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is that I know I have less mental clutter than I did before making this shift!

This allows me to take on challenging self-care activities like figuring out what I want out of life and my 10 year goals. All of those existential questions we don’t have time to address when our mind is cluttered up with worries.

This might seem like a stretch, but it’s true friends. Once I cleared the mental clutter, it’s like my Dreams and Vision opened up in front of me. And I had to follow it. It all became so clear.

If you’re interested in figuring out how to start creating minimalist finances of your own, you can begin by defining your Vision and Values. See what you actually value first, and then begin aligning your finances with those. It will be a huge step towards eliminating the clutter all around.

These 4 secrets are more like philosophies. I realize that all of this might be a big mindset shift for some. But, shifting our mindset is a crucial part of becoming a minimalist with our money. And ultimately saving more of our money to use on those Values that actually bring us joy!

You got this friend!

FinanceOlivia Zurawski