Family Sabbath- Reconnecting with Family + Goals

I launched my blog 1 month ago, in June 2017. There was so much planning, thought, tears, love, and conversation involved in the past 11 months of planning. It’s been a full few months, to say the least. I need a break.

Now, I need a Sabbath. Truthfully, it will be a family Sabbath.

Our family has been planning a 3 week long road trip for the past year. We’ll be covering about 2500 miles round trip over the 3 weeks. It’s the first big road trip we’ve taken since we’ve had kids. For the past 8 years, we’ve either had a one-year-old or been super pregnant. Neither makes for good road tripin’.

Our littlest little will be 3 in August and I think she’s ready. Ready enough anyway.

All this to say, I’m going to take the next month off to spend some real quality time with my family before school starts in mid-August. It’s been a crazier than normal summer with me starting full-time work, quitting full-time work, and starting this little business on the side.

I am really SO proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far and really look forward to expansion in the near future!

I’ve been systematically working my way through Elite Blog Academy. This program has been seriously incredible and valuable to me as I started my blog/online business. I don’t have any amazing statistics yet to show the results of the program, but I will say it has guided me to know what to focus on and in what order.

Starting a business has proved to keep me in a constant state of confusion, disarray and slight anxiety. I’m starting to realize this isn’t just me! In fact, starting a sole proprietorship has left me doubting myself daily. But, EBA has been a guide through these rushing and murky waters that are called entrepreneurship.

I’m planning to return with my weekly posts on Wednesday, September 6th and a twice monthly newsletter every other Sunday (first one to go out on September 10) to all of you subscribers that I’ve neglected so far. So sorry about that.

I have great plans for our newsletter and look forward to putting those plans into action! I’ll also be working on a couple more FREEBIES for you all and turning my “Defining Your Values Workbook” into a mini email course. I’ve got some more content to add, which is going to make the email course really, REALLY awesome!

But don’t worry. For this next month, I’ll be working behind the scenes to create awesome content, genuinely helpful and affirming FREEBIES (no fluff here) and those newsletters I’ve been promising you!

I’ll be checking the blog regularly so feel free to email or comment. Or connect with me on Facebook Instagram. I’ll be posting pictures regularly of our trip and sharing frugal travel tips along the way!

UPDATE: We did not have internet access for most of our trip! Sorry about the limited pics!

Have a great couple of months friends and we’ll connect soon.

FamilyOlivia Zurawski