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I’m Nicole Rule!

I’m a recovering budget-avoider and Target-run addict turned money coach. I’m obsessed with beautiful things, soaking in hot tubs, taking long road trips with my family, and mashed potatoes (with lots of gravy). Oh, and I’ve figured out the secret to making budgeting fun. Yep. For reals. Keep reading!



I didn’t always love managing my money.

Just a few years ago I was the one saying “oh honey, we’ll be fine. We always have enough, don't we?” But on the inside I was anxious and afraid. A lot. I was avoiding the reality of our finances.

The reality was, yes, we were fine. We did always have enough. But, just barely. were we happy? We were living a mediocre life, doing what everyone else was doing, and had no idea who we were or what we wanted.

then the kids came along. I knew after our second child was born that I wanted freedom. Freedom to stay home with my newborn longer than 6 weeks. Freedom to work part time, rather than 40+ hours a week just to make ends meet. Freedom to cross something off my bucket list without worrying “can we actually afford this” all the f’ing time!

At this point, I finally faced the numbers and realized that we had $100,000 in debt (and a $200,000 mortgage) and absolutely ZERO freedom because of those payments.

It was time to stop avoiding my money, so my husband and I created a Vision for our future that included LOTS of freedom. We named our Values and built a budget based on that Vision and Values. We paid off that $100,000 in 26 months and ultimately reached our Vision. Now our Vision is even bigger. Bigger than I could have ever dreamed, all because we figured out who we are, and where we wanted to go.

You wanna know what really lights me up, though?

Making people see that they are capable of managing their money in a way that brings them joy. And watching them reach their bucket list items. The ones that, right now, feel completely out of reach. I LOVE seeing people do the hard work of creating a budget and then actually start to enjoy themselves. Finally waking up, losing the anxiety and taking risks to actually, truly live.

My goal is for this to be the last “how to budget” website you ever visit. If you invest four months of your life following my process, you will find freedom, friend. It’s time for you to make a life you love.

Let’s start with your money.


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